Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India
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Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India at 2022 which you can trust and exchange any of your coins without any hassle and fraud. Here is the full list of best crypto exchange apps in India.

Well if you still don’t know or have some confusion about cryptocurrency and how it works, let me help you a bit. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which is transferred through digital wallet and can be exchanged to physical currency like INR, USD, Euro, etc.

There are more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies all over the world. Among them at least 1000 of currencies are in good position with their trading volume and market cap. Bitcoin is one of the best crypto currency in the world so far. Following this Ethereum, SHIB, Dogecoin, TRX, Tether, BNB, USDC, etc are similarly popular.

Now if you are living in India and want to invest or trade in cryptocurrency you need a medium to do that. Like PayPal is helping to exchange USD to INR for the freelancers. If you have any of the crypto coin and want to convert them to INR or want to trade with crypto then you are in the right place.

Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India

Today we are going to discuss about the top crypto exchange apps in India. We will be giving you the list of 7 best crypto trading Apps In India which will help you to utilize your already earned crypto coins or to help you earn some.

Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India

There are so many companies and apps for crypto exchange but after a lot of research we have come up with the 7 best crypto trading apps/website that might help you. Here is the list below…

  1. Wazirx
  2. CoinDCX
  3. Binance
  4. Vauld
  5. Zebpay
  6. Coin Switch Kuber
  7. BitBns

Let’s get into the details where you will get to know about the exchange fees, trading feature, minimum withdraw/deposit rate, etc. for all the above companies.

Starting with the most popular crypto exchange apps in India which is Wazirx.


Since 2017 Wazirx is helping India to exchange, trade and invest on cryptocurrency which was first founded by Nischal Shetty. From 2018 they have started their operation officially in India.

Until today there over 10 million crypto freak users registered in Wazirx. It is one of the reliable source for exchanging crypto coins in India in 2022.

Why Wazirx? If you are investing on new coins or coins that are of lowest value then Wazirx is the best exchange platform for doing that in India. In November 2019 Binance, another world’s best crypto exchange company has acquired Wazirx. Since then coin transfer from Wazirx to Binance or vice versa is totally free.

Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India
Wazirx Website

The best part is it has the biggest listing of different crypto coins which gives you the flexibility to choose your own for trading or exchange.

Wazirx charge fees for trading, withdrawal and deposit. For example, if you want to withdraw 1 BTC, Wazirx will charge around 0.0006 BTC for the transaction. If you transfer this 1 BTC to Binance then it’s completely free. Wazirx has set the minimum and maximum payout limit as well.

Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India

Why is that? Because number of very small withdrawal or deposit is high and that makes the transfer process of big transaction delayed. Considering that Wazirx has set the limit for transaction. See the image above to know about fees of few coins. Get the full list here.

On top of the exchange, Wazirx supports trading of crypto coins as well. There are some fees though but it’s worth since the trading fees in Wazirx is not so high. Beside these they support API for any kind of integration with them. Wazirx also allow to submit your crypto coin.

Wazirx has corporate account option to give a bit more priority to the corporate customers and referral program for additional earning source for the users.

In Wazirx, you need to submit your KYC and you can use 2 factor authentication (2FA) for added security. They have android app along with iOS app.

So guys, if you want to exchange your crypto and you are living in India you can use Wazirx which is undoubtedly the popular crypto trading & top crypto exchange apps in India.

Coin DCX

Simple, Safe & Compliant. These are the values of CoinDCX. With this values they have started their company in early 2018 by Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal. CoinDCX is the first Indian unicorn in crypto industry.

They have over 80 crypto currencies to be traded in/out. More than 10 million users has been engaged with them over last few years. Their aim is to make Indians financially stable and to escalate the financial growth to the next level.

Both of the founders of CoinDCX stick to the solvency of people in India. Keeping this moto ahead they have introduced trading, exchange, borrow, lending & staking of cryptocurrency.

Well, let’s come to the fees that is charged by Coin DCX for deposit, withdraw & trading. Fortunately Coin DCX doesn’t charge any fee for INR deposit and charges slightly lower than Wazirx while withdrawing Bitcoin.

Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India
Coin DCX Website

CoinDCX charges 0.0005 BTC where as Wazirx charges 0.0006 BTC. Not a big difference but still on the winning side. While Wazirx charges 4-6 Rs. for INR deposit, Coin DCX doesn’t charge any.

The best part of Coin DCX is they charges flat 0.10% as maker and checker fees. Which is 0.20% in Wazirx. Considering everything to me both the Coin DCX and Wazirx is good in different category. But I will keep Wazirx ahead a bit due to their parent company Binance.

If you are crypto enthusiast you know how massive “Binance” is in the crypto industry. So being a part of this company, Wazirx is reliable at the end of the day.

It’s not the end because we have 6 more top crypto exchange apps in India to review. Who knows one of those might be the best and secure.


If you have at least 3-4 articles about cryptocurrency or blockchain technology or if you know how crypto works then you must have heard about Binance. As like Coinbase, they have been one of the leading crypto trading companies in the world.

Binance is working directly in India though Wazirx is a sister concern of Binance. Apart from the Wazirx if you think to make your transaction through Binance you can do that.

Mostly people use Binance because they have a native coin called “BNB”. Obviously you will get multiple offers on transaction of BNB. It’s an added advantage if you are planning to invest on BNB or trade in this currency.

Do you know what is the Bitcoin Price today?

Let’s know about what Binance offers to you. In Binance you will get smooth user experience with the facility of exchange cryptos, trading, affiliate/referral bonus, NFT buy/sell and so on.

Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India
Binance Website

Binance has an OTC trading facility which is amazing. You can use altcoin trading like Bitcoin to Dogecoin, BNB to Bitcoin, Tether to Ethereum, and any combination you need. Transactions are processed manually within 2-3 minutes. This is safe and secure because you trading in the Binance eco-system and there is nothing going out or coming in from 3rd party network.

They have 2FA, Insurance, 24/7 support, most of the popular coins are listed and a huge professional team to help you out. Because of these flexibility & features, Binance is one of the top crypto exchange apps in India. They have an app for android & iOS.


If you are a beginner investor and someone who wants to hold crypto assets then Vauld is the best solution for you. It can give you more than 12% interest for your current asset if you hold this on the Vauld account.

The user interface of Vauld is so simple that even a beginner can navigate it easily. It is highly secure with free deposit and withdrawal options. They offer different interest rates for different types of balance. Like fixed deposits, savings, etc.

They have a limited support service though you can get an opportunity of doing phone calls to customer support if you have a 10,000 USD equivalent asset on your Vauld account. Vauld has loan facilities as well. Oh, wait if you have a $1,00,000 asset in Vauld you will get a dedicated account manager for helping you out in need.

Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India

Not only free deposit and withdrawal but also there is no hidden charge in Vauld. You can be assured of that. So a good user interface, loan facility, interest on saving, free deposit and withdrawal, and customer support make Vauld promising to be one of the top crypto exchange apps in India.

They are new in the market. So I suggest you do more research on Vauld and then invest. They are promising no doubt about that but at the end of the day, you are the one who can decide where to invest.


Zebpay is one of the top cryptocurrency apps in India to buy crypto asset from. You can purchase several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. Most of the popular coins are listed here.

Zebpay facilitates their 98% of storage as ‘cold’ for their users. Cold storage remains disconnected from the internet when sitting idle and is great in terms of security.

This platform has an additional membership fee if you don’t trade at least once a month. Zebpay pays you up to 6% interest for holding asset in their platform it can rise up to 12% if you lend crypto to other users through their platform.

Coin Switch Kuber

Coin switch Kuber was founded on the eve of 2017 with the initiative from Ashish Singhal, Vimal Sagar Tiwari, and Govind Soni. This trio brought this platform into the market when RBI lifted the ban on cryptocurrency in Indian market.

CSK is the best mobile-friendly crypto platform and because of the mobile flexibility, they have become so popular with 7.5 million users so far. They have more than 80 crypto coins listed on their platform.

Since getting introduced in 2017 they have been trying to accept INR deposits and in 2020 they have successfully started the INR deposit feature. Since then they gained a lot of users. They charge nothing for deposits with a minimum deposit limitation of 100 rupees.

CSK allows you to instant withdrawals in your bank account or credit/debit card which is an awesome feature I must say. There is no time restriction for withdrawal. They provide best rates for trading and any of you can start just by submitting the KYC. Their KYC & AML verification is quick and simple which will take not more than 5 minutes to do.

Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India
Coin Switch Kuber

They have one of the best referral system with some easy conditions like Users can earn 50 Rupees worth of Bitcoin after successfully referring a new customer. Only thing to remember is KYC verification is must to join the referral program.

Coin Switch Kuber has multi layer security to protect their customer’s asset and has a very minimal fee like 0% to 0.5% for trading. Being said that CSK is one of the top crypto exchange apps in India in 2022. This app/service is limited to Indian resident only.

Moving forward to our last company in the list that is BitBns. Listed in last doesn’t mean it’s not that good. Actually we didn’t rank those while we have just listed randomly.


BitBns was founded in 2017 and having 4 million users currently. BitBns has earned a lot of trust from their user because of their extremely elegant customer support. 24/7 they are available. No matter how is size of your asset int their platform you are a valued customer to get all the available support any time.

Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India
BitBns Website

Moving to the security part. BitBns is way more secured like a crypto platform should be. Having 100+ listed cryptocurrency they are good platform for exchange, trade and hold crypto.

BitBns does not charge any fee for deposit if you do that with their native coin BNS. But like Coin DCX they also deduct worth of 0.0005 BTC for withdrawal.

You can start trading by making a small deposit of 100 INR. Which is flexible for lot more users who are aware of their money and feels a bit risky investing in crypto for the first time.

They have iOS and android app which has easy navigation. BitBns accept multiple payment methods such as NEFT, UPI, IMPS, RTGS. All these features raised them to be one of the Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India.

Our Opinion

So long story short, I know you are waiting for the opinion from us. Well our team has researched a lot on these companies and found all of these are equally good.

But at the end of the to someone one should be the best. In this case I can not choose one but I am giving you some tips to choose. Though we have listed 7 Top Crypto Exchange Apps In India.

Well to me, Wazirx, CoinDCX and BitBns is good if you are only planning to deposit with INR. Binance is the best of all listed here but since they don’t directly support INR deposit so you can avoid that. But for security and flexibility Binance is awesome.

Wazirx to Binance transfer is easy so you can deposit in Wazirx in INR and then move to Binance for trading if you wish. If you are just a child in the world of crypto I mean just started thinking of investing in crypto Vauld might be a good option for you.

Crypto Switch Kuber is all good but some users had complained against them. Though they claimed that CSK shows user withdrawal in Bank is restricted message while withdrawing money to bank. Which is not possible practically. Well this is just a claim and 7.5 millions current users of CSK are not brainless right? You can decide by own if you wish to invest here.

So in the end every company is well and good. You just make sure what motive you have and what do you want actually from crypto marketplace. According to the need you can choose any of the companies listed here.


I always say to my fellows to be more aware while investing money. No matter they are investing in soil or crypto. Money is vital and people don’t like loosing a single penny without any reason.

Since you have read this article I assume that you are almost ready to invest in crypto trading and considering this I would suggest you to start with a very little amount and start the journey. You know slow and steady wins the race.

If your luck is good and knowledge is up to the mark you can increase the investment according to the progress. That’s all now. Let me know which one you have chosen and how is the experience.

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