Sonali Bank Balance Check By SMS
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Are you searching for the necessary codes for Sonali Bank Balance Check By SMS? If you want to get your account balance info from home then check the codes below. We have provided all the Sonali bank SMS banking guidelines for you to operate your account online from home.

Many of us who have opened a bank account in Sonali Bank is willing to check the account balance, and statement balance.

Nowadays everyone wants to know the process of Sonali Bank balance check by SMS from any mobile whether it is a feature phone or smartphone. Because Sonali bank already launched SMS banking like other private banks nationwide.

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Because if you want to do Check Sonali Bank Balance then there seems to be no other way but to go to the bank physically. There is another way of doing it that is through mobile banking apps by Sonali Bank. But this requires an android/ios device with an internet connection which is not affordable for everyone. And the internet connection is not so good in all the remote areas.

However, data charges may apply when using this app, or you may not be able to use this app on your phone. That’s why Sonali Bank Balance Check By SMS is required sometimes.

Why check balance through SMS?

First and the primary reason behind SMS banking is customer management. There are many people who need multiple transactions daily and it’s not possible to check the balance after every cash-in/out by going to the bank physically.

It’s not worthy as well when technology got so advanced. People want to do things online even money transfers are happening online. So only to check balance, going to the bank is useless. That’s why these days people love to get updates through SMS.

In today’s article, we will mainly discuss how you can check Sonali Bank Balance by sending an SMS staying at home. Let’s read about the process of Sonali Bank Balance Check By SMS.

Sonali Bank Balance Check By SMS

There are multiple types of services introduced by Sonali Bank under SMS banking. For example, you can check account balance, statement, and account sequence quickly by sending a specific SMS to the authorized number.

Not only for a single account, but this service is also available for multiple accounts which means you can check all of these balances and statements for multiple accounts registered with this number.

Follow the steps below to get registered with Sonali Bank SMS banking and get all the updates through SMS in your mobile.

Register For Sonali Bank SMS Banking

Sonali bank has introduced the alert service under their SMS banking division. Alert service is used for letting their customers know their account details online. To get this facility as a user you must fill up the Sonali Bank SMS banking form and need to submit it to the branch where you opened your account

Sonali Bank Balance Check – SMS Codes

Account Balance Query: If you want to know the balance (existing money in your account) then send an SMS to 26969 by writing “SBL BAL”. If you have multiple accounts then the process is the same only you need to write “SBL BAL1” or “SBL BAL2” and so on.

Statement Balance Query: If you want to know the statement balance (last transactions on your account) then send an SMS to 26969 by writing “SBL STM. If you have multiple accounts then the process is the same only you need to write “SBL STM 1″ or “SBL STM 2″ and so on.

Account Sequence Query: If you want to know the account sequence then send an SMS to 26969 by writing “SBL SEQ.

If you like to know about the service of Sonali Bank SMS banking then write “SBL HELP” and SEND TO 26969.

Sonali Bank All SMS Codes

Let’s see all the SMS codes for Sonali bank at a glance.

For Single A/CFor Multiple A/C
Account BalanceWrite “SBL BAL” & Send To 26969Write “SBL BAL1″ & Send To 26969
Write “SBL BAL2″ & Send To 26969
Statement EnquiryWrite “SBL STM” & Send To 26969Write “SBL STM 1″ & Send To 26969
Write “SBL STM 2″ & Send To 26969
Account SequenceWrite “SBL SEQ” & Send To 26969Not Required
About ServiceWrite “SBL HELP” & Send To 26969

Special Note

Sonali Bank SMS banking does not require any account number while sending SMS. So you might have asked how they understand which account enquiry user is seeking.

It’s simple. If you have opened and account with a mobile number “01711-XXXXXX” then sending the SMS as above from this number will show only the account information associated with this number.

Hopefully we have explained everything about Sonali Bank Balance Check By SMS process and we assume you have no issue with checking balance of your Sonali Bank account. If you have issues/queries please let us know in the comments.

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