Robi Minute Offer
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Get all the Robi Minute Offer in 2022. Robi is the concern of Axiata limited and recently merged with Airtel in Bangladesh. Today I will provide you with all Recharge and bundle minute offers. Dial Codes Collection To Buy Robi Minutes. Additionally, all the Robi call rates, offers, minute offers, and special Robi offers. Read the article to get exclusive offers from Robi.

Robi always offers Robi Minute Bundle at low prices. To buy Robi’s minute pack, you need to know Robi’s current minute offer. We will discuss in detail in today’s post about Robi SIM’s minute offer. We will also share Robi Minute offer codes for buying various attractive packages of Robi including the rules and dial codes for buying minutes on Robi. Hope you find this post useful.

Robi Call Rate & Minute Offer 2022

Robi offers low-priced minutes for their customers at different times which we know as Robi Minute Offer. Robi, the second largest telecommunication company in Bangladesh, offers minutes at almost a lower price than other mobile operators. In the competitive market, Robi has offered exclusive minute packs to maintain its strong position.

Robi Minute Offer Price List

Find all the Robi minute offer and codes here in the list below

Minute BundlePriceDurationDial Codes
10 Minutes86 Hours*0*1#
21 Minutes1416 Hours*0*2#
45 Minutes272 Days*0*3#
66 Minutes434 Days*0*4#
87 Minutes597 DaysRecharge
100 Minutes647 Days*0*5#
125 Minutes787 DaysRecharge
160 Minutes997 Days*0*6#
210 Minutes14630 DaysRecharge
230 Minutes14415 DaysRecharge
250 Minutes16930 DaysRecharge
320 Minutes19930 DaysRecharge
340 Minutes20730 Days*0*7#
450 Minutes27828 DaysRecharge
495 Minutes29830 DaysRecharge
500 Minutes30730 DaysRecharge
650 Minutes39830 DaysRecharge
800 Minutes49730 DaysRecharge
840 Minutes50730 DaysRecharge
1600 Minutes99730 DaysRecharge
Robi Minute Offer & Codes

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Robi Combo Pack (Minute+Interent)

2 GB + 100 MIN15830 Days
18 GB + 450 MIN28915 Days
512 MB + 525 MIN32215 Days
512 MB + 525 MIN32430 Days
512 GB OTT + 550 MIN34615 Days
512 GB OTT + 550 MIN35030 Days
25 GB + 600 MIN40915 Days
18 GB + 450 MIN49930 Days
25 GB + 600 MIN59930 Days
1 GB + 1000 MIN60430 Days
60 GB + 1500 MIN99830 Days
Robi Bundle Pack

Robi Postpaid Minute Offer

80 minutes – 53 TK – 04# – 7 Days
270 minutes – 58 TK – 09# – 7 Days
(20 Minute+700 MB +25 SMS) – 183 Tk – (121058#) – 28 Days
(140 Minute+2 GB +150 SMS) – 251 Tk – (121251#) – 28 Days
(480 Minute+5 GB +100 SMS) – 599 Tk – (121599#) – 30 Days

Robi Balance Check Codes

To check the minutes dial 222*2*2# Or *222*8# Or *222*25#
To check off-net minutes dial *222*9#
To check internet dial *3#
To check SMS dial 222*12#

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Robi Minute Pack 2022

There are a lot of offers from Robi that include a minute offer, minutes and internet bundle pack, and so on. Kindly find more offers below…

Robi 6 Minutes Pack @ 2 Tk

If you want to activate the Robi 6 minutes pack you can purchase that @ 2 Tk only.

Both prepaid and postpaid customers are eligible for this offer. You need to dial USSD code 21291*626# and Regular 6 Minutes Bundle Pack @ 2.5 Taka, Dial 8666*002# (both the pack has 4 hours Validity).

This is a limited-time offer so the availability of this offer is not confirmed always.

Robi 8 TK minute offer

This Robi 8 TK minute pack is priced at just 7.31 Taka. You can use this 10-minute offer (at any local operator). You can buy the offer by dialing USSD Code *0*1# from any Robi number.

This minute pack is valid for 6 hours.

Robi 14 TK minute offer

This Robi 14 TK minute pack is priced at just 15.20 Taka including VAT & SD. You can use this 21 minutes offer (at any local operator). You can buy the offer by dialing USSD Code *0*2# from any Robi number.

This minute pack is valid for 16 hours.

Robi 27 TK minute offer

The most popular offer of Robi among the fewer minutes offer. Robi 27 TK minute pack is priced at just 28.40 Taka including VAT & SD.

You can use this 45 minutes offer (at any local operator). You can buy the offer by dialing USSD Code *0*3# from any Robi number.

This minute pack is valid for 2 Days.

Robi 99 TK minute offer

If you are looking for the best weekly pack then this 99 tk minute offer is the best for you. With just 100 taka, you are getting 160 minutes for 7 days validity.

To activate this pack you need to dial USSD code *0*6#.

Robi 800 minute offer

Are you looking for a pack for a whole month and do you need to talk a lot over the phone? This is the best pack of all the 30 days Robi minute offer.

Robi 800 minute offer is valid for 30 days and if you want to activate this pack you need to purchase this pack for 497 Taka only.

To activate this pack you need to keep 500 Taka in your mobile balance and then dial *0*8*1#.

My Robi App

If you are a smartphone user you should use my Robi app which is available for android and iOS both. Go to the play store on your android and search for myrobi app. Install and open. Now login with your Robi mobile number.

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