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Does Reddot free backlink is actually free? Reddot is an article directory or link submission directory site. There are few steps to follow before you get a backlink from Reddot. Let’s discuss in detail.

Did you hear about link directory? Since you have come to read this article I assume you know what is backlink, how link directory works. Reddot is almost similar to other link directories except the way they include your website links in their site.

Reddot has both free and paid link submission features. I am going to discuss both the features and how they work. Since Datacrap has tried their paid feature, I will share the experience of that as well.


Reddot Free Backlink

If your are new blogger and your domain authority is below 5 then you can try to get a backlink from Reddot. Since they are very new in terms of age. Though it’s true that link directory sites gain domain authority faster than any other website in the web.

Well, for free backlink you need to sign up to Reddot website. After signing up you will be redirected to your account.

reddot signup

After getting logged in you can submit your link from the ‘Free Submit Your Link‘ menu from the top menu. Here you need to insert your article link for which you are trying to get a backlink. Then enter the title and category. Submit and Hooray! your link is submitted. You have successfully got a Reddot free backlink.

reddot free backlink submission

Once you have submitted your link there is nothing to do from your side until they approve or disapprove you link. You will be notified via email if your site is approved and listed or you can check this manually.

If you are using ahrefs, ubersuggest then it’s easy to check. Just search your domain name and go to backlink option. Select recently added backlink menu and boom. Reddot link will be seen there if it gets approved.


Reddot Paid Backlink

Premium backlink for $1 per month. Sounds good? If yes, then read below.. 🙂

Reddot is offering premium listing but it’s not a link submission. It’s a kind of a guest post. Let’s keep it straight. Read the process of getting premium listing in Reddot below..

  1. Register in Reddot. (You can signup through google, Facebook, etc. as well)
  2. Write an article related to the topic of the article you are trying to get a backlink for.
  3. For example you are trying to get a backlink for the article “How to make a tea” so write another article like “how to make raw tea” and inside this article you put 3 relevant article links from your website.
  4. Then email the article to Reddot for listing.
  5. Reddot article submission email-
  6. After sending the article pay your desired amount through PayPal.
  7. Reddot PayPal email-
  8. Payment details are provided below.
  9. After completing the steps Reddot will publish your article in their website.

This is how you can get a cheap paid backlink through guest post from Reddot. It’s easy right? At least easier than flying a drone at night .. Hahaha..


How Much Reddot Paid Backlink Costs?

Reddot is charging a very little amount since they are still new. They are charging for one guest post as below.

One Article = 1$ X (No. of Month)

Reddot will keep this article in their site until you are paying monthly.

So, if you want to keep one article for a year then you need to pay ($1X12)= $12. As simple as that.

Considering other sites this price is way more cheaper.


Should You Buy Paid Backlink From Reddot?

If you ask me, I will say “Yes”. Why? Because they are growing. If you can put your link now with a lower price you will be gainer. Since it’s a link directory. Within a year it will increase it’s DA, PA which will positively affect your site DA.

Reddot are listing sites according to category which is a very good structure for a directory site. Reddot has a facebook, twitter fan page where they will promote your article.

Not only backlink you are gaining traffic from the website as well. People loves to get everything at one place. And directory submission sites are playing a game here by listing millions of site at one place. That’s how they gain traffic and authority.

So, what to do? Considering the price and future probability I will suggest you to give it a try. If you can’t afford then try for one month and see the impact.



Backlink is necessary though Google says that now they are not considering backlink as a ranking factor but it still works. Remember that backlink works if it’s look natural to Google. In real it might be paid but that should be in a way which proves that backlinks are natural and not paid.

I would suggest Reddot paid backlink because it’s coming as a guest post which is so far valuable to rank on Google. If your site has good DA, PA then you should go for the free one. Maybe this will not give you a noticeable result but at least you might get some traffic.

Reddot free backlink comes as a do follow backlink which is great.

Hopefully you have liked reading our article and of you want more let us know in the comments below. We are going to get you more backlink opportunities in future. Stay tuned. Like Datacrap Facebook Page for getting latest updates.


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