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How To Create A Free Blog? Most of the beginner’s first query and the answer is very simple. Google is the best solution for starting a free blog that makes money. In 2022, Blogger (Blogspot subdomain) is the best free platform to create a fully functional blog/website to earn a handsome amount of revenue.

Most of you wanted to know how to start blogging with the Blogspot domain in Blogger. So I decided to give you a full guideline on Blogger and also some tips that no one used to share. Most of you have heard that free blogging is not worth it.

I would say, you are the one who can make a blog profitable, no matter whether it’s in Blogger or WordPress. It is just a platform that let you write, customized, and publish your blog. Maybe there is a lot more functionality in WordPress but at the very beginning, I suggest you start in Blogger.

What is Google Blogger (Blogspot)?

Blogger is a free blogging platform to create websites/blogs with less coding knowledge. Google has created blogger platform on August 23, 1999. Till now almost a billion blogs have been hosted on blogger.

Blogger helps you to create blogs and websites with the ready-made templates, free hosting for files and multiple functionalities of CMS(content management system).

For a beginner, I recommend the Blogger platform because you will go through a big learning process where I personally don’t like investing money. There are some reasons behind this. Let’s know the reasons behind creating a free blog.

Why do I recommend Blogger At The Beginning?

I am writing here in Datacrap which is my 9th Blog. The first 5 I have already sold and I am running my family through blogging. Blogging is not just creating a website and earning from this. It’s an industry that includes many services like theme development, SEO, digital marketing, affiliate, etc.

But if you are someone who heard about blogging a few days back and assuming that blogging makes a lot of money without any work then read this article carefully. I don’t know how much you will learn from this but you will get rid of some common myths about blogging.

So, why do I recommend free blogging when you are a newcomer in the industry. Because most of you will fail in the first attempt that’s my challenge. Very few (rare) bloggers get success with their first blog. You are not different and you will be in the same phase.

When I know that you may fail in the first attempt why should I recommend you to invest in hosting, domain, SEO, and marketing? Most of the seniors will do but I won’t. Because I know the value of every single penny. The first blog is the learning place for you and here you will learn what not to do in blogging after getting failed in different areas. That’s how you will be a real blogger.

In a nutshell, you just start with the Blogger platform, learn how to write SEO-friendly articles, how to do on and off-page SEO, how to promote your blog, how to push the competitors back in the ranking and so many things then you will be ready to invest. Let’s learn how to create a free Blogspot blog In 2022?

How To Create A Free Blog In Blogger?

You know what anything free has some demerits. You need to accept that. The first disadvantage of the Blogger platform is a domain name. There is a very less chance of getting a good domain name since there is only one subdomain ( If you set a domain name for example ABC then the full domain will be which doesn’t look good. But It’s free 😀

Well, even if your domain name is very long, not understandable, or doesn’t have a literal meaning that doesn’t mean you can’t rank. The ranking doesn’t require a beautiful domain name rather it needs a proper ser friendly blog.

Let’s learn how we can create a free blog on the Blogger platform. I will share, how Blogger works and how you can successfully create a free blog without any hassle.

Before you start

At first, you have to select your niche or audience. I mean why do you want to create a blog and what types of audience do you want. Let’s say I am a tech blogger and I write articles about different technologies. So, who should be my audience? Obviously, the people who love to learn new technologies.

In this case, I have selected my niche, audience, and content type which is Technology. Now let’s think of a blog name. Well, this is very important. You need to select a proper domain name for your blog so that, by looking at your blog link/domain name people can understand your area of content.

As I said earlier, blogger domain names are not that cool but try to select the name relevantly. I mean if you are creating a blog about food and selected the name, it’s irrelevant, right? you can select something like which is more relevant to your niche/topic.

What’s next? During this tutorial, I will use the tech niche to let you understand the process practically. You can do as you like. The process is similar.

Blog Name and Idea of keywords

For example, my blog name is [bdtech360]. See the words. Here I used BD to represent myself as a Bangladeshi blogger. ‘Tech’ is used as it’s a blog for tech learners. ‘360’ defines versatility. So, to sum up, bdtech360 represents a blog from a Bangladeshi blogger who is writing about technology and will write about multiple areas of technology.

Now you have got an idea, that how you need to plan a domain name for your website and what keywords should be there. If your site is related to health/medicine then you might think of the names like, madchef, medicare, befit, fitnessforall, etc. These are just examples, you might get better ideas if you do some analysis.

You might be thinking of the word ‘analysis’ I just mentioned. Yes, analysis is a must. As you cannot change your blog name later, so you need to get an idea of the search volume or keyword depth of that name. What are search volume and keywords? I will explain in detail in a separate article but here I am giving some idea about this.

If you are creating a blog, then you must have created this for a portion of people to read. How people will know about the blog that you just created. It’s impossible to tell everyone about your blog and this is not the way either. In this case, Google will help you.

You just need to let google know about your blog name. When people will search for health-related articles google will show your website. So, you need to find that most searched keywords and find a name that best matches those keywords. Then what will happen in search results, among millions of sites your site will rank higher.

Let’s start with Blogger Sign up & login process.

Blogger Sign-Up & Login

Well, you know what to do for starting your first blog. Now let’s get started practicing. First, go to Blogger. Press the sign-up button and give your details. You must have a Gmail id. If you don’t have to go to Gmail and create one. I hope you have already signed up. If so, then log in with your credentials.

Now from the left panel press “Create blog” and a window will appear. You fill up the blog title and write the name of the blog as we discussed earlier. Done? Press on the button “Create Blog”.

Blogger Admin Panel & Settings

Now you will find a panel like the one below. On the left side, you will find multiple functions to organize your blog. Let’s have a brief about the options you got.

Note: Interface might change from time to time as Google update regularly but the functions will be similar always. So no matter what it looks like let’s focus on the options they offer.

Create A Free Blog
Blogger Panel

Posts: Here you can create a post/article. If you have planned any article start writing or if you have already prepared one just copy and paste it there and publish. Your first blog post is live for all. Congrats! If you don’t know how to write an SEO-friendly article then stay tuned with datacrap. I will share a detailed guide on article writing.

Stats: You will come to know how many people are visiting your website daily, monthly, or till today in this section. You can find sources of people and countries visiting your site as well.

Comments: You have already written one post, and readers might have queries regarding your post. so, they will comment based on their queries and you can check those comments at a time in this section.

Earnings: Let’s not discuss this now. We have just started and we should focus on our content not earning. But for the moment I can tell you that you can earn with a Blogspot blog through Adsense. But to be engaged with Adsense there are some Adsense approval requirements that you must serve.

Pages: You might have seen in many blogs that they have links to about, contact, and disclaimer pages. These are called pages. Now, what’s the difference between a page and a post. Well, post is used for writing content that can be categorized through categories and tags. While pages are independent and static. You can not put pages under categories, so using pages for universal and independent content will be appropriate.

Themes: The design of your blog is important. It is a very simple theory that whatever content you provide if the design and navigation aren’t user-friendly nothing will work. People will come anyway but they won’t gonna revisit for sure. You can use multiple free blogger templates here. For those who will try to create a free blog, I recommend using the templates from templateify.  

Settings: This section contains the basic to advance settings of your blog. Like SEO, comments moderation, blog title, custom domain setup, HTTPS redirection settings, and so on. Let’s discuss some important settings below-

  • Basic– Here you will see Title, Description, Publishing, HTTPS, Permissions

Title & Description is simply your site title which means a few words like 3-4 words that best describe your site content. A description is the brief of your blog which will tell the readers and search engines what is your blog writing about.

Publishing is the area where you can add a .com/.net/.org etc premium domain for your blog. Well, these domains you have to buy. until that your blog will be hosted in .blogspot domain which is owned by Google. Since we are planning to create a free blog then let’s not discuss Top Level Domains here.

HTTPs are for secure connection for your site. The permission section allows you to create multiple authors for your blog.

  • Post, Comments & Sharing

The post section let you decide how many posts you want to show on your homepage. The comments section is important here. You can set rules for viewers in your blog while writing comments. You can hold their comments before publishing to review by yourself. Or you can disallow commenting. Filtering negative words are also available.

  • Email

This Section is useful. If you are out of reach from your workstation but got an idea of something which you want to share with your readers instantly. Here comes the blogger email feature. You can write a mail to blogger email (creating email option is available here) and it will be published as a post in your blog. You can make a draft as well by not publishing it as soon as it arrives. How this is helpful? It will not let you lose your ideas while roaming outside.

  • Language and formatting

Very basic settings of date time zone etc. You can set blog language and also your admin panel language here. You will have a translation option here for your blog. You can enable/disable this option as required.

  • Meta Tags, Errors/Redirects, Crawling

The most important section of your blog setting panel. Here you can set your meta description which shows up on the google search result page. You can configure robot.txt, header tags, google search console, analytics, etc. all these things are related to search engine optimization. The errors/Redirects option helps you to set redirection for any URL if you want. Let’s say you want to redirect post-1 to post-2 which you can do with this feature.

Free Blogger Template/Theme

Few moments ago I have discussed about theme/template. It is mainly a style sheet where each and every design code are written. So these themes you can download for free from many websites.

Since we are trying to create a free blog we will go for free templates. Open Google and search for ‘free blogger template’. You will get a huge number of templates. The interesting thing is before downloading and installing you can see a demo of that template. You can get an idea about the design, how it will look like and is it suitable for you or not.

Create A Free Blog

So, if you download any template you can create a free blog as you want. Let’s say you want to create a news portal blog. So you need a template that will have categories and sections as news portals have multiple areas to cover. Another side you want to sell products that needs e-commerce blog design.

So there are numerous free blogger template is available. If you have already selected your niche and created one post as we have explained so far then it’s high time to concentrate on design. A user-friendly interface is necessary for blogs.

You can go to theme forest or for a free blogger template. If you download any theme/template, you will get a .zip file that you need to extract. After extracting you will get one .xml file. 

  • Go to Theme > Back to Classic Theme > Switch to classic blogger theme.
  • Again Go to Theme > Backup/Restore > Browse > Select the .xml File > Save.

See The steps in the Picture Below-

create a free blog
blogger theme backup and restore
Template selection from PC

After You saved it, you are now in your new template. Check whether everything is working or not. If you face any issues with uploading the theme please comment below.

Make Money With Free Blog

I know you are planning to make money from your blog and that is normal. Everyone has this dream and I am not different either.

Since we have tried for this long to create a free blog we have very limited options to make money from the blog. But don’t worry, even a single option can make you rich.

Well, most of the ad network doesn’t support the Blogspot domain so I suggest you go for Adsense. There are many for example, Propeller Ads, Infolinks, and A-Ads who are accepting any domain.

I have a huge and detailed guide to let you know about the basic and advanced requirements for getting your blog/website approved.

Top 25 Adsense instant approval Techniques


I assume you are a beginner in this industry since you have read this article and invested your precious time. I can feel the thirst you have for learning. Most early age bloggers try to create a free blog and I appreciate that. Because investing in something that you still don’t understand properly is not a wise decision.

So I recommend and suggest you start on the Blogger platform and create a free blog to achieve your dream.

It was a long article or I would say a tutorial. Thank you very much for reading but I will be happier if you can create a free blog on your own and you can at least learn 30% of Blogger customization from this article.

I know you might forget most of the part of this article. It’s better to bookmark this article. Just press Ctrl+D and hit Enter. Hoorah! you have successfully bookmarked this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that we have found through email and comments are answered below. Check these out who knows you also wanted to know this.

Yes, you can. But you need to use with very limited facilities. For WordPress buying hosting is a wise approach.

blogspot domain, and Adsense both are the product of Google. I hope you got my point.

It’s a google product. Blogger has the technology to ping your articles instantly after you publish. Blogger has almost all the basic SEO features.

Definitely, blogs that are built with Blogger, make money.

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