Google Search Console Ultimate Guide
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Google Search Console In 2022. How Google has updated its search console feature, which was earlier known as the Google webmaster tool. What are the features that have been introduced so far and of course how to add the site to the google search console? A lot of things can be discussed when we talk about the Google search console.

In their recent edition of the search console, they have tried a new page speed testing tool, a new schema markup checker, a website speed indicator, a more reliable validation process if there is any issue, instant article submission, or instant indexing. I mean it’s tough to talk about every change but we will try to do that at least the most effective ones.

From Basic to Advance, we will cover everything about the Google search console.

So folks, do you want to Submit Your Blog/Website to Google Search Console? Read How to add website and index articles instantly. Here I will discuss from google search console login to instant indexing. Also we will share the benefits of Core Web Vitals section and will share the thoughts of how core web vitals help to rank your site better. Read the article carefully, don’t just read in the middle. You will at least know most of the things in google search console after reading this blog.

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service of Google company, through which you can monitor and maintain your blog. You don’t have to sign up anywhere to get your blog included in the Google search engine. However, you must sign up for the Google Search Console to find out if every page of the blog is included in the search results of the Google search engine and whether Google Robot is indexing your blog posts in a timely manner.

In short, the google search console measures some important data to help you analyze your blog. Let’s say, you want to know in which country your site is showing in search results, how many people are getting your site in the search console, how many of them are clicking on your site, and which of the articles on your site are getting the most traffic, etc. All this information is being provided by Google Search Console.

Many people may think that if Google automatically brings any blog or website in the search results without submitting it to the search engine, then what is the need for it? In fact, the job of the Google Search Console is not just to bring content to search results, there is much more to it. Here is a brief summary of why this is needed.

Why Google Search Console Is Necessary?

As you already know what is GSC it’s time to know why you should use the Google search console.

See, Google never said that they will not index your site without adding it into the search console. Because Google bots are so smart that they won’t miss your site crawling and indexing to their database.

Then why do people take the hassle of adding a site to the search console?

Because friends living beside your house are the ones who become best friends. Similarly, if you include your site to GSC then google bots will allocate a budget for crawling your site regularly. After publishing a new article google Bots will track that and will be added to the index if it’s eligible.

Recently there are lot of people facing issues with indexing articles in Google. So this has been solved through google API for instant indexing. Recent updates from Google says that if a site loads under 3s in desktop and under 4s on smartphone it will be considered as a A category website. And you know what benefits that will bring to your site.

All these facilities you will only get if you add your site to google search console services. Let not Google find you it’s better you notify Google that you are here. A search console is the best way to do that.

In today’s world, there are very few people who do not know Google or Google search engine. Especially those who are involved in online blogging consider Google as their Boss. Because those who blog continue to do their best to get enough visitors from Google. If a blogger is able to collect traffic from the Google search engine, no one can stop the growth of the blog.

No matter how much traffic you get from other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it will never be equal to the importance of the traffic you get from search engines ( what we call Organic traffic). Especially nowadays the traffic from Google search engine is very important to get your blog popular.

In order to get visitors from Google search engine, first, you have to submit your blog or website to Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). Google has made a number of changes, and additions of features to the tool.

Moreover, in the last three years, Google has made a lot of changes in this tool. This is the reason people are not well aware of the overall functionalities of the new search console. Many people are having problems submitting the site to the Google search engine. Even someone is adding successfully but having issues with CLS, and LCP which is totally unknown to them.

That’s why we decided to share an article on GSC so that everyone can easily submit their blog to the Google search console and get to know about the new features.

Google Search Console Helps

  • To quickly index new blog content.
  • In country-based or language-based content indexing.
  • To provide Google robots with an idea about the niche/area of the blog.
  • To submit new content and remove old content from SERP.
  • To monitor all the content of the blog.
  • To find out if Google Robot is indexing the content of your blog.
  • To be aware of the site speed and large resources on the page.
  • Keep the blog clean by monitoring malware or spam.
  • To have your site updated to Google through the sitemap.
  • To find out if your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Based on which kind of keywords, visitors are coming to your site?
  • Is the Google bot working just like it is supposed to?
  • To remove spam back-links to your site.
  • To measure the depth of your traffic in different countries.
  • To know the backlink strength of your site.

In addition to the above benefits, you can enjoy other advantages for free from Google Search Console. Let’s discuss how to submit your site to the google search console. I am writing the ways for blogspot since WordPress has a built-in plugin named “Google Site Kit”.

How To Submit Blog In Google Search Console

As I said before, we’ve already shared a post on our blog about submitting to the Google Webmaster Tools site. You can view our previous post by clicking on the link above. You can find out more about this from our post.

  • First login to your Google account.
  • Then click on the official link of Google Search Console.
  • After clicking on this link you will see the image below.
Google Search Console
Google Search Console URL Addition

Write or Copy-paste your blog/website url/link in the box of “Enter URL” and press continue. If things are correct you will see a pop up screen like below.

Google Search Console
GSC Owener Verification

If your Site is on blogger platform then most of the time site will be auto verified because you know both are google products. No issue with dns record entry and all.

But if your site is on wordpress cms then you have to follow below process to verify.
After pressing continue (1st picture) a window will come like below picture

Google Search Console
GSC Site Verification

If the window is different don’t worry. You should see one option called “HTML Tag” with a two lines of code like below.

Google Search Console
HTML Tag Verification Window
  • You need to copy this code and paste it into your site.

For Blogger..

  • Login to your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Themes > Edit Html
  • Press Ctrl+F and search for <head> . Paste the above code you just copied under <head> tag.
  • Click on Save Theme.

For WordPress..

Easiest way is install a plugin called “Google Site Kit” and go to settings. You will find an option called “connect google search console”. Click on that and paste the above html code. Save it.

  • Now Come to this window (above picture) and Click Verify
  • Your Site should be verified by now.
  • Now you will see the Google Search Console Dashboard

How To Add Sitemap Properly

You have added your site to search console but your contents/articles still not added. You probably know about sitemap. This a xml file which records your posts and pages of your site in a language which google robots can read. That sitemap auto generates for blogger. If you are using WordPress then use Yoast/Rankmath plugin to generate. This is very simple. Just go to plugin dashboard > sitemap > generate sitemap. Done.

Well, how to add this sitemap in Google Search Console. See The Below picture. Here is the Dashboard where there is one tab named as “Sitemap”. Click on this.

Google Search Console
Adding Sitemap To Search Console

You will see the window as shown above. Now write your site url and then add ( /sitemap.xml ) after ( .com).
Sitemap.xml or sitemap.atom both is okay with blogger. Use one of this. Don’t change to other after adding once.

If it is wordpress then you might see that your site url already there. Only you need to write the sitemap path. For WordPress sitemaps are like ( sitemap_index.xml ).
If you use rankmath plugin (or Yoast or anything) they will generate sitemap for you. Just copy and paste here in this panel.

So now click on submit button and you will see your sitemap link below with some other informations like how when this has been added or read, how many urls are there etc.

Your site is successfully added to google search console and ready to be indexed by Google. Wait, this is not the end. Here comes the main part. When google will index and add your articles in search engine that’s up to them. Usually it takes 24-48 hours to get your site listed in google search.

How To Check That Site Is Added In Search Engine

If you want to check how many of your links has been added to google then you need to follow this small step.

Go To Google Search Page. Write [ ] Write your site name by replacing yoursite. See The below picture. I have searched my site to check the links which are added to google.

Google Search Console
Check your indexed article in Google

Here you can see 17 articles of my website has been listed in google search. So this is how you can check your article listing in google.

Instant Indexing

This is a great technique to get listed your new articles withing hour. Let’s say all of your articles has been indexed in google and you have written a new article now. Right after you publish google will will not index or not even crawl instantly.

Google Index Bots actually crawl websites that are added in search console in a routine basis. So it might be every 2 days or might be every week. It mostly depends on how frequently you publish articles. So what to do to index a new article instantly.

The way I am telling now is not guranted that new article will be published in google search instantly. No one except google can gurranty that. But by following this technique you can knock the google bot that you have a new article to index. In this case google take it in priority list and index faster if your article is eligible to index.

Let’s know the process. In your google search console dashboard you will find one tab in the left sidebar called “URL Inspection”. See the below picture.

Google Search Console
Url Inspection

Just copy new article url/link and paste it in the red marked box. Then Press “Enter”.
If the url is not in google it will show this message. So, you need to click on “Request Indexing”
You need to pass a small captcha test.
After that You will get a message on a pop up window that your indexing is requested to google.

This is how you can index a new article faster than the normal process. Please remember that if you request one article for indexing several times things will not be more faster. Once you request it will be in que. Another try won’t make it faster. So request once and wait.

Google Discover

It’s a feature that will let you know if your blog articles got an impression in Google discover. If you have used chrome browser in smartphone you might have seen latest articles/news in the homepage after opening the chrome app.

Google Search Console
Discover – Search Console

These articles actually comes from different sites. Mostly the sites which are google news approved get impressions here. Anyways if you don’t know what is Google news and how to get Google news approval let us know..

This tab will show the impressions and clicks you get from Google discover/news.

Core Web Vitals

Since this article is an introduction to search console so we are not going in detail. But we are giving you what is core web vitals and how this affect your site’s ranking opportunity.

There are statistics that if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load 60% of the visitors rejects to visit. They move to different sites. So you can assume how important is the site speed in terms of gaining traffic.

Keeping this factor into consideration, Google has introduced one feature called core web vitals which let you know the issues related to site speed. This feature actually audit your site and find out the reasons behind slow loading of your website.

There are 2 important factors in core web vitals. One is CLS and another is LCP.

LCP (large contentful paint) means the first content portion of your site that loads first. If you put images on top pf the article then LCP issue might come because your site doesn’t load fully until the image loads. How you can solve this?

Use properly sized images. I prefer images size less than 20 KB and I suggest not to use any image within the first 3 paragraphs of your content. Using google font can slow down your website. If you use system default font or use asynchronous loading of google fonts that can save you from getting LCP issue.

Asynchronous loading means when a visitor will come to your site, your site will load the default font quickly to show the content to your visitor and then load the google fonts. This helps your site to load faster.

CLS (cumulative layout shift) is another factor that affects your site ranking. For example you are running ads on your site and placed it in header. Since these ads are JavaScript, it takes time to load. You might have noticed that site text loads quickly and then ad appears and text shifts to below to show the ads. This is known as layout shift.

You can solve this by using cache plugin like WP rocket. This plugin keeps the space for ads and loads the text after the ad area. It helps to prevent the layout shift because it keeps the layout area blank until the specific content loads.

So here are some high level concepts of LCP and CLS where we are planning to provide you a detailed guide on “core web vitals” to let you understand the impact of this feature on your site.


Thank you for reading. As you know, the process of submitting a site to Google Search Console or Google Search Engine is under continuous development. Google may change this process at any time.

If you face any problems while submitting a blog to GSC, please let me know in the comments. I will get back to you with the solution. Keep an eye on the articles we share that might help you in your blogging journey.

Stay Safe. Stay with Datacrap.

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